Saturday 6 August 2011

Survey 10, Promasens-Lausanne, 30.7.2011

As I left the house, I saw the sign what I missed twice on the last evening.

House in the clouds.

The Second World War memorial walk (Monsieur Guisan) is probably a closed circuit - that the people could run in circles.

From the geographical conditions it's still the same landscape as at the first day.

Lausanne is one of the few cities from the Romandie of that size, that has no special name in German, maybe like Lohsan.

As closer to the cities, the more possibilities for alternative fund-raising are open for farmers.

Railway guard's house without railway.

Might be from me.

You know that you are in suburbia when fear is a visual guideline of social interaction.

Architecture is the game of following rules and breaking them as soon they are understood.

There, behind the forest, in the mist, there is the Lac Léman.Well hidden for such a whale of a lake.

Fairy ring in English, Hexenkreis (witch circle) in German...

"Tourisme pédestre" - if there is no word for 'hiking' there is probably also no traditional culture of it?

The design model of Lausanne?

Different kinds of horse transporters.

A body sculpture park.

A possible answer to the things later.

The evidence of a failed society.

The miracle of doing: sometimes it just fits.

The new métro terminal - and the city grows.

The last alley on my way.

Perfect confusion: I'm not sure how serious intentioned it is.

Step back into town.

The surrounding wall of Lausanne, as usually I come through the backdoor.

If I could find it.

Again I was way to early - I spend my time at the Lac de Sauvabelin. Where I was completely alone.

If you just count the people of my generation.

The amusements there.

Later I went for the look-out - and still on the third day in a French speaking region I was able to take the wrong ascent. But I was probably not in the newspaper on the following day because that crime.

View to east.

View to the west.

View from behind.

A big closed something.

I was so happy to be back. A city build from stone is the natural, healthy and good environment for human.

And finally at Doll - the destiny of everything.

The welcome feast, first course. Spring roll and chicken wings without bones.

Second course, duck.

And later I went to the train, to drive back everything I walked in the last 10 days in about 3 hours, from door to door.
Anything I had to hold me was one beer of each language region (from one European company).

Survey 9, Autigny-Promasens, 29.7.2011

To defeat the mosquitoes you have to look to the world as they do.

Despite the blur it's visible how rich this breakfast was - only for me!

The whole house was rich on everything.

Laureen and Daphne on their morning workout.

Just imagine what would happen to our landscape, no the whole society, if there would be masses of hikers!

The forest without any depth.

From time to time it's healthy for the eyes to see some hard edges.

After an unfertile attempt as a painter he decided to start a career as fibre cement facade designer.

What a theatre.

The later the more I have to confess, that I have no idea of all the things what are going on in the catholic church.

Probably he liked the form but not the smell of a silo.

Roofs and clouds.

There was certainly a reason for that picture - but I can't remember.

Fully equipped mini farm.

This It Is.

Built to work, and this is what it does.

No, not the foreground, the painting!


The gap between conception and reality.

French has the marvellous ability to blow up your confidence, even when you are from the last hicktown in this universe.

There was still a little bit of usability remaining in that bike.

From unknown reasons have banks and insurance companies the interest to convince us, that exactly this is our dream of life. And they did this communication job very well.

My current dream was closed.

Film set?

Just a little discourse about the deficiency of technique: I saw a huge ball of birds on the sky. In the time it took me to have the idea to make a picture, to take out the camera, switch it on, the ball flow twice over my head and split up in several groups.
As I was ready, there have been just a couple of birds left on the air.

Maybe Moudon.

Osmosis massage studio - isn't it disgusting?

Not all of them are the same clever.

More modern point of view as on other barn paintings.

Complete different view as on other barn paintings.

This one was completely unreadable to me - guess, I like it.

A whole village vanished from the map.

A bright and friendly place

 turns out to be the hell of the psycho suns.

Guess it's not having a siesta.

Another verse in the epic song of roofs and clouds.

Time was never before so much on my side.

Le château de Landi a Vauderens.

 Basket: 4 points / goal: 2 points / handspring: 10 points

Beware of the dog! ...and its owner.

From the village of Rue I followed the signs what are guiding to the castle. The way was very nice, but the castle itself, at the top of the rock, was private, means closed to the public. So I had the wonderful chance, to walk that nice way twice without any interruption in between.

The intensive use of colour is a safe indicator, that the builder of the house realised, that there is something wrong with the house.

On a certain point it didn't make any difference to me, if I sit in a restaurant of the Romandie or from the Bretagne - I was just happy to be here.

As I like it.

On my last guest-night I had the luck to sleep in a real All-Star Swiss Hüsli.

Interior view.

Lullaby operetta.